Do you have a pissed off client?


A new relationship between recruiter and client is always full of potential, you have a candidate in mind who is perfect for the job and the client is seeing emails and hard work from you half justifying their spend on the recruitment process. But like may relationships, the initial vigour and happiness may not last.

What have we done to sour the relationship?

From speaking to current and ex-recruiters, here's a short list of things which may point to where it's gone wrong.

1. You're not providing any value beyond a 'bum on a seat'.

Considering that the average client has access to many of the same tools you have, what are you doing do to go that extra mile? A true recruitment consultant provides their clients with a solution to a problem or pain point they might be experiencing. So given the potential fees at stake, what are you providing your clients that they wouldn't be able to do themselves?

2. Disappearing completely once the invoice has been paid

We know that many employers think we just throw an ad up on a job board, maybe spend a few minutes scanning the database, flick a few résumes their way, hope for the best, and then send them an invoice for $20,000.
Showing your appreciation and keeping in regular contact can go a long way. Heaven forbid when you check in with them (for no other reason than to show them you care!) they may even talk to you about a new opportunity!

3. Knowing nothing about their client

A recruiter should never represent a candidate for a role where they haven't even spoken to the hiring manager, and while we are not suggesting you have to meet up with every client in person, at least having a prolonged phone or Skype call with a hiring manager before taking on any brief will make everyone's life so much easier.

4. Submitting profiles of candidates who don't even meet the brief

This comes back to the question of whether you operate by throwing mud at a wall hoping something will stick, or whether you know what your client wants, you've taken a qualified brief, and you provide them a carefully handpicked shortlist. In short do you care enough about your client and the longevity of your relationship to get them the right person for the job?

All in all, it comes down to how much value you place on your relationship with your client. Short sighted recruiters will fill the role, then never be heard of again until they see another role pop up on SEEK, but a savvy recruiter realises that the person they build the relationship with now will still be around in ten years and through the passage of time and promotions, might be heading up a new department or be in a position to provide them with the mother lode of roles to be filled.

Work hard, be honest, fill the immediate role, and maintain the relationship till inevitably the next role becomes your to fill too.