February 2019 Updates Announcement


We have listened to our customers, particularly the teams at Paxus, Allity and Primero (thanks guys) and made some updates to the candidate table and other sections.

  • If you are a Parent account holder or have Global View activated on your account, you can now filter the table to see you own candidates, another team member's candidates or all child account candidates.
  • The candidate table now shows our 'traffic light' indicator for three referees instead of two.┬áBecause it is as easy to request three referees as it is to request two, we are seeing the average number tip more in favour of three now. This means that if a client wants two, requesting three gives you a much higher chance of getting two back in a timely manner.

  • You can use the new archive button to archive candidates from your candidate table to create a more uncluttered environment. You will be able to view the archived candidates on your archive page later.
  • SMS is still a feature we are getting rave reviews about. Once applied to your account you can text referees a request to complete the ref check either on their phone or on the email. SMS are seven times more likely to be opened than email which results in some phenomenal turnaround time for refence checks.

  • Filenames in JobAdder and Bullhorn have become friendlier and contain the candidate and the referee's names so they can be stored out of the CRM and still make sense at a glance.

If you have any suggestions, please email neil@referoo.com.au and let us know and we can add them to the development schedule.