Thank you Referoo users for your help!


The latest version of referoo now has these amazing features included in the subscription for every user.

1. The Once Click Reference System

When you know you do not need to talk to the referee and are happy to automate the whole process the consultant can check a box and the candidate and the referees will receive their questionnaires by email and complete them through their Referoo.

2. Integrated Informed Consent.

Consultants often do not gain consent from their referees or their candidates, especially when doing phone references. Referoo now integrates opt-in consent from all parties ensuring their comapny's compliance with the Privacy Act and the GDPR.

3. LinkedIn verification of the referee.

Referoo not only has tracking software, we have now launched its unique 'Verify by LinkedIn' feature. Referee's are now asked to 'sign' their reference by logging in to their LinkedIn profile, thus eliminating the chance that the referee is fraudulent.

4. JobAdder integration.

A massive help to JobAdder users is our integration with the platform. Now Referoo and JobAdder users can request references from without leaving their CRM system, making the process even simpler.

5. Referee details for Business Development

Referoo provides the consultants with contact details of the referees their company has been in contact with along with consent to contact them again for future business opportunities. Recently we have added the referee LinkedIn profile to help consultants connect easier.

It is very early days for Referoo and we are massive fans of our users and the help they have given us to get here. With such a brilliant bunch of recruiters and corporates at our back we are confident in the future success of Referoo. Over the coming months we will be building in even more features and we would love to hear any suggestions and success stories. Watch this space.

If you want ot get on board with a Referoo demo and free trial, contact and we will get you up and running.